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Are you a follower of The Rainmaker? Have you read all six episodes? Want to read more? At my booksignings a frequent question I'm asked is "where can I get the rest of your books?." I'm taking a poll to present to Leisure Publishing to reprint the previous novels. Maybe you, the readers can make a difference to keep this serial going. If you are so inclined, please e-mail me at: with Save The Rainmaker in the subject box.  Feel free to express what you might want to see happen in the serial. Or, post your comments through the Thanks For Stopping By link. I appreciate all feedback and look forward to your comments.

    The following reviews from one of The Rainmaker's devoted fans may help you decide.


GOLD OF CORTES by Tim McGuire - Leisure, June 2000

This is the third book to feature McGuire’s character Clay Cole: The Rainmaker.

Amid the dust and desolation of southwest Texas lies a secret that has lasted for centuries - the hidden treasure of Aztec artifacts hoarded by Hernan Cortez. When Clay Cole finds English Lord Nigel Apperson and Dr. Jane Reeves wandering the Texas desert, searching for the mythical prize, he agrees to sign on as their scout.

Together they confront Texas Rangers, desperadoes, and the relentless Major Miles Perry, whose driving desire is to court-martial Cole for treason at Little Big Horn - treason Cole never commited. That’s just for starters...

Tim McGuire’s mix of very different people make for a journey of gripping reading. There’s a battle of wills between those driven by gold lust and those who’d rather not lose their lives to renegade Comanches, there’s the struggle of who to believe about the events that have lead Cole to be wanted for treason. There’s double-cross and soul searching. All told in a fast paced story of believable characters.

One of the admirable qualities of McGuire’s presentation of Clay Cole is that The Rainmaker isn’t the most intelligent of people, he doesn’t read, struggles with lifestyles outside of his own, which combine to make him more real as opposed to some superhuman western heroes.

The action is first rate as the story races along to its spectacular finish. An ending that purposely leaves a few threads dangling, making it impossible not to want to read the next book in the series as soon as it's published!

OUTCASTS by Tim McGuire - Leisure, November 2001

The fourth book featuring Clay Cole: The Rainmaker.

The Indian Territory was a wild, lawless place, a place not many white men dared enter - unless they had a reason. Clay Cole had a very good reason. He wanted to avoid the law. Cole had a price on his head and bounty hunters on his trail, so he thought it best to keep out of sight. But his plans all changed when he tries to save someone’s life. When the smoke clears he had a Nez Perce baby on his hands, and an obligation born of guilt and honour to find the infant’s people. That meant travel and lots of it - travel through some very dangerous territory...

This is a story that will lift and tear at your emotions as you read the engaging bonding between Cole and the Nez Perce infant, share the ups and downs of Cole’s guilt at how he came to be saddled with the child. Share his sense of loss when the youngster goes missing and his elation at finding her again.

All the above mixed in with the threat of death as the bounty hunters close in, as the truth about who, and what Cole has done, becomes known to the vividly drawn characters that fill this book.

If the ending of this beautifully written book doesn’t bring a lump to your throat, for more than one reason, then you just aint human!

Definately Tim McGuire’s best work to date.

Very highly recommended!

MANHUNT by Tim McGuire - Leisure, March 2005

Book five in the series about The Rainmaker: Clay Cole.

Living as a wanted man has been mighty tough for Clay Cole. Now he’s stopped running. The Rainmaker is turning himself in to finally face the charges of treason, a crime he didn’t commit, to try to clear his name once and for all. But circumstances means the law has something far more dangerous than a trial in mind for Cole. A brutal killer has escaped from prison with the aid of his gang and a Gatling gun - and he’s taken Cole’s friend as a hostage. The Rainmaker will now do anything to rescue
his friend...even if it’s the last thing he does as a free man.

The tough writing style of this episode in the life of Clay Cole presents the reader with savage outlaws and brutal treatment of their victims, that, perhaps, makes this the most violent work to come from Tim McGuire yet.

The Rainmaker’s character is still as compelling as ever as he finds himself forced into the manhunt of the title. Cole also finds himself with an unwanted companion, that of wanna-be writer Richard Johnson.

McGuire knows how to create unforgettable characters and how to pace his book to a rousing conclusion - and once more leaves the reader wanting more as he leaves The Rainmaker needing answers a question and to feelings he hasn’t known for a long time.

And leaves me counting down the days to the next book in the series.

THE LAW OF THE BARBARY COAST by Tim McGuire - Leisure, July 2006

The sixth book in the series about Clay Cole, The Rainmaker.

Clay Cole came to San Francisco looking for one thing - a certain beautiful red-haired singer. But the man known as the Rainmaker found something else altogether - trouble. He hasn’t been in the city for more than a few hours before he’s tossed in a cell, then with no explanation taken to meet some strangers with an unexpected propostion.

This time Tim McGuire involves his hero in a battle for land that allows for some gripping action sequences. The gunfights are first rate and the plot moves along rapidly to it’s conclusion.

But it’s not the the struggle for land and the mystery surrounding it that I found most entertaining. It was Clay Cole’s wide-eyed wonder at the modern technologies San Francisco had to offer, for instance the cable car and the lift.

And does Clay ever catch up with the red-haired singer? Well that’s an answer you’ll just have to find out for yourself.