'What must it feel like to kill your best friend?'

Texas Cowboys is the fourth novel in the Texas serial by Tim McGuire. The story is about Abilene, Kansas during the summer of 1871 where the notable and notorious came for the prosperity enjoyed by the first of the cattle railheads. With the conclusion of Texas West, the story of Rance Cash and his friends Les Turnbow and Jody Barnes didn't have an ending. It was then, in 2005, McGuire had an idea. "I had just finished Texas West that day and watched a football game. With the serial storyline fresh in mind, factors slammed into my head, and I knew what the next novel was about." Only when he  began the research for the novel did he assemble the whole story. "Texas Cowboys is a fact based novel. Part of the fun of writing fiction is finding out the truth. With names such as Hickok, Hardin, Jesse James and a few others, I wanted to learn more and found more than I ever expected. Abilene was the first established rail head of new trans-continental rail line. The cowboys, most in their teens, were traveling for the first time away from home where after three months of misery, they got more money in their life to buy anything they wanted. It's like spring break of the Old West where the  chief of police is the most famous gunman in America ."